Economic Development

Mobile Fueling: The Right Choice

Mobile Fueling brings choice to a market that hasn’t traditionally offered it. It promises to deliver high-quality jobs, provides relief to front-line workers and local governments and generates millions in tax revenues. It’s priced competitively and transparently, it’s an easy choice for consumers.

Mobile Fueling Creates Thousands of High Quality Jobs.

One of the most consequential long-term impacts of the coronavirus pandemic is to the economy. Continued unemployment, halting economic growth, diminishing state revenues and overwhelmed supply chains will persist for months - if not years - to come.

Mobile fueling on demand is one industry that promises to deliver thousands of new, salaried jobs with benefits and job training. But it also provides relief to front-line workers, local governments and even generates millions in tax revenues, too.

It’s Not Just Another Option, Mobile Fueling is the Best Option.

To say that Mobile Fueling is more convenient than other ways of staying fueled is an understatement. We base our competitive prices, updated daily, on the average local price in each market. Many times, Booster is the most economical option. That's because we don't have the same overhead as traditional gas stations, like land, station upkeep and more. Other times, we're not the cheapest option. That's because we believe in paying our employees a truly livable wage. 

For consumers, it's 3 simple steps, and Booster does the rest:

Park Your Car
Pin your location in the app
Pop your fuel door

For Small Business Owners and Operators, It’s Intuitive:

Booster’s promise to businesses is that your cars and trucks will always be ready to go first thing in the morning. Our service gives businesses the time, efficiency and convenience of never having to waste time or money at a gas station again.

Our company is born from and driven by groundbreaking ideas and technologies to deliver fuel in the safest, most efficient ways possible.


  • Optimal sweep pattern

  • Augments vehicle locations with on-truck cameras & sensors

  • Augments onboard sensors with visual inspections

  • Avoids proprietary hazards (drains, property limits)


  • Avoids traffic and non-hazmat routes

  • Prefers proprietary ingress and egress points

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